At Your Service

Real-time GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracking, playback at any time, monitor fleet by Geofence, Overspeed alerts.

Fleet Management Software

Manage fleet assets, maintenance, dispatch jobs.

Free Generic Mobile Apps

You get our free generic mobile app with user friendly features. Get on play store and App store

Geocoding on every message

Every single message we get from your devices will go through our reverse geocoding servers, As well as road names, we also check the speed of the vehicle and the posted road speed limit, this means we can offer real time notifications for road speed exceeded alerts, and can send sms, email or on screen notifications to notify users when the asset is exceeding the posted speed limit. Others cannot offer this service, or only offer it if the user requests this data.

Powerful and intuitive admin panel

Using our easy to navigate tree structure, you can drill down to the information you need without getting lost in pages of data, our clients love this easy to use feature .We give you full access to manage everything from one simple admin screen, including live tiles of current status and tools to help you find issues quickly. Others use a variety of confusing admin panels which makes finding information a chore.

Advanced reports, html, excel and pdf reports

You are able to generate a number of advanced reports including alert violation, over-speeding, harsh-braking, harsh-acceleration, excessive-idle, harsh-cornering, engine-over-revving, and trip reports. You can also create your own custom and scheduled reports, that are sent on schedule by email.