Vehicle Tracking Solution

Vehicle theft is on the rise; with statistics showing that at least one car is stolen every 30 minutes in most countries worldwide. But even more unfortunate, only a tiny fraction of the stolen cars are recovered and handed back to the owners.
OMNITRACK makes it easy to trace your vehicle both as a business and a private vehicle owner. Our GPS tracking unit is designed to be covertly mounted on a vehicle, with special GPS location tracking software that shows you the vehicle’s exact geographical location.

Our solution is perfectly suited for individual car owners, businesses with fleet management needs, motorcycles, cargo shipments, taxis etc.

Enterprise Fleets

  • You can log all your trips and easily deduct business trips from your company’s revenue.
  • Reduced corporate insurance premiums.
  • Durable, waterproof mini gps device.
  • Low overhead costs, increased profits.
  • Historical route information.
  • Alerts on unauthorized zones.

Personal Cars

  • When your car is stolen, and a GPS-Jammer is in place, or your car is in garage without any free sight to satellite to calculate the co-ordinates, OMNITRACK will locate your car through Cell-Triangulation.
  • Get alerts in case of any missed service, lack of engine oil, etc.
  • Lend you car to your child but control their driving behaviour, speeding, tough breaking (3-Axis G-Sensor). Simply capture all motions.
  • Monitor all (undesired) activities around your car, for instance before going on holiday, define a Geozone, which alerts you when your car is moved out of the zone, or simply receive sms, when the engine is switched on.
  • Real-time online tracking.
  • Reduced insurance premiums.


  • Locate stolen bikes with motorcycle gps location tools, regardless of where the thieves have hidden it.
  • Discreet and easy to install mini gps device.
  • Real-time satellite tracking.
  • Long battery life.
  • Also suited for vintage or racing motorbikes.