Everything That Keeps your Fleet Up and Running

We can’t control rising fuel prices but we can definitely control the rising fuel wastage. In order to fix this problem, it’s important to find the origin of the problem first. Guesswork and speculations will only waste the time and resources.

We offer you ready-to-use vehicle tracking solutions and provide you with an option to get tailor-made services with white label GPS tracking software.

Real-time Fuel Monitoring

You get live fuel level updates with location and vehicle status. Once the fuel level readings are calibrated on the fleet management software, the fuel monitoring set-up is ready to relay data. Fleet managers can remotely monitor the fuel levels from anywhere, at any hour of the day.

Precise Fuel Reports

Highly  improving the overall efficiency of the fleet. You may use insights to compare the performances of drivers, vehicles, routes and make well-informed decisions. These reports come with an elaborated graph and a playback option too.

Instant Refill/Drainage Alerts

Real-time alerts are generated automatically as soon as the system senses the sudden drop or rise in fuel level. They tell the exact time and location when unexpected drainage/refill is reported. This helps in avoiding fuel pilferage or misuse of resources.