OMNITRACK Real-time GPS Tracking

OMNITRACK provides businesses of all sizes, with an open platform fleet management solution that ensures safer driving and higher productivity levels from their mobile assets and workforce.

The most intuitive Fleet & Asset tracking system on the market.

Accessible across multiple platforms including; Mac, PC, Tablet and Mobile – any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. Vehicle tracking has never been easier. The most flexible customer focused approach with multiple hardware options for all applications.


A complete solution of record for your fleet assets

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 assets, we provides everything you need to manage a fleet of cars, trucks, vans, motorcycle(BodaBoda ) semis, trailers, heavy equipment.

Geocoding on every message

Easy to navigate tree structure, you can drill down to the information you need without getting lost in pages of data, our clients love this easy to use feature .We give you full access to manage everything from one simple admin screen, including live tiles of current status and tools to help you find issues quickly. Others use a variety of confusing admin panels which makes finding information a chore.


You are free to choose whichever hardware you like, we already support 1000’s of devices and are always adding more, if you think your device is not supported, please contact us and we will integrate it for free (for existing tracking companies).

Easy to use intuitive and modern interface

We have spent a considerable amount of time making our system intuitive, discoverable and easy to use.
 The system is  very simple to use, while remaining very powerful.

Get Our Custom branded mobile apps

You get our free generic mobile apps,
Download our free app on the Google Play or App Store  and install on your smartphone or tablet.


We support 1000's of tracking devices